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If you thought Lost wasn’t confusing enough the first time, this is the show for you! Adam and JP are watching the 2004-2010 ABC television show, Lost, but for no good (or easily explainable) reason, they’re watching it out of order.

Come along as JP, Adam, and elite team of weekly guests, crack jokes, talk trivia, analyze storytelling, and dunk on the 1st Assistant Camera. Was Lost good? Some say yes, some say no. Were individual episodes of Lost good? Let’s find out.

Join JP and Adam as they revisit The Island, with complete and utter disregard for the convention of serialized storytelling.


Micah Pollard joins JP & Adam for a quick lap through the aqueduct on Born To Run! What Kate did continues to haunt her, (and the LoLdom) as she tries to reconnect with Aunt Zelda, and the kid from Iron Will. Plenty of subterfuge and crummy cops abound in this, the penultimate episode of Lost season 1.

Who's in charge of safety meetings on Survivor Beach? Which one is Scott, or Steve, or whoever? Is there a convincing way to shoot Hawaii as Iowa?

All those questions, and no answers for them, coming up to your ears right NOW!

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January 5, 2022

Deus Ex Machina - Pit Viper

This week Adam and JP are joined by special guest Freddy Nick to discuss Deus Ex Machina.  God from the machine eh? Is that machine the trebuchet? This episode needed more trebuchets.

Sweet Baby Boi John Locke has a hatch adventure with future dead guy Boone. We tackle Locke's questionable life choices, questionable clothing choices, and his questionable hair styles (that is definitely not a wig).

Does Sawyer actually know how to read?

Will Goldie Survive?

Will NERF sponsor the show?

Tune in to find out!

Hey Eddie, how's the family?

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Adam and JP spend more than three minutes talking about this one. The guys are joined by resident singer, dancer, and LOST in the woods expert, Shaina Desotelle. 

Michael Dawson proves once again that the "world's best dad" mug is earned, not given.

Charlie rids the island of drugs (and catholicism?).

The crew tries to decode Sawyer's bad nicknames.

And we talk about a totally not topical subject... vaccines!

We'll see you in the funny pages (whatever the hell that means). 

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December 8, 2021

Solitary - HOW!?

Lost On Lost can drink, baby! Grab yourself a room temp Capri Sun, and join JP and Adam on a quick mapping expedition of Solitary! Resident Assistant Director-at-large Chris tries his best to keep the boys focused, but can't help cracking a few zingers of his own. Who hates Jack? That'd be Chris. Who loves Locke? That'd be JP. Who misses Jin? That'd be Adam. Who thinks Rousseau is weird? That'd be everyone. Good weird? Maybe. Bad weird? No such thing.

We're talking golf, rashes, and, hotel bedding, folks.

Alone again? Naturally.* It's SOLITARY!


*Apologies to Gilbert O'Sullivan.

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Resident Lost enthusiast and riptide expert Chrissy Ruiz joins Adam and JP on an adventure down the rabbit hole. White Rabbit has more than just Bad Jefferson Airplane puns; it has water thievery, kid fights, and haunted dolls. What could be cooler than that? (Other than wearing a suit with sneakers... that's top tier cool)

Where are the flotation devices?

Does Boone have a thought behind his eyes?

Will Joanna make the swim team?

Tune in and find out.

My ghost dad went out for smokes 25 years ago, but he'll be back when he hears this episode of Lost on Lost!

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Do you like flashbacks? OF COURSE YOU DO! Everyone likes flashbacks! Join JP, Adam, and Coach B on the nickel tour of the shittier half of the Island. We finally get proper introductions to those fan-favorite Lost characters: Cindy the flight attendant, broken leg guy, and Nathan.

Oh yeah, and Bernard, Mr. Eko, Libby, and Ana Lucia.

Everyone who didn't watch 45 year old reruns of Saturday Night Live during the pandemic, please take a step forward.

Not so fast, Coach. It's The Other 48 Days!

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It's taken 18 episodes but we have finally arrived at a Mr Eko Episode! Adam and JP are joined by musical genius and resident kilometer expert, Mike Traylor.  

Does Goldie have a CDL?

Does the Catholic Church still cover their planes in Gilded Platinum?

Will JP meet his quota of talking about Stone Cold Steve Austin?

There are alive Walts in your area, and they want to answer all these questions for you. 


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This week Adam and JP are joined by Jacob Oller.  Jacob is the Lost on Lost resident expert on chess, mobisodes, and wood nymphs. Good thing we could book him because this episode has all three.

The Glass Ballerina centers around the backstory of everyone's favorite island couple, Sun and Jin. But more importantly we touch on how many crackers are appropriate for a bowl of soup.

We also talk about another installment in the Lost Missing Pieces collection. This week we have King of the Castle.

GUYS... the plane crashed 69 days ago... nice.


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September 29, 2021

Numbers - TO THE BEAN!

Longest two weeks ever, amirite?! Bob Ekdahl from The Movie Blast Podcast joins the boys to talk all things Numbers! "What does that entail?" you might ask. Great question.  JP, Adam, and Bob tackle curses, calculators, and dope-ass R&B hits. But wait, there's more! Predator makes a return to the discussion, because of course it does. There's a fresh round of "Horrible Australian Accents" and Bob shows off a voice as smooth as honey.

It's NUMBERS, baby!

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September 15, 2021

Homecoming - Tommy Deux Héroin

This week we are joined by a guest that could really sustain a drug habit, Tom Offer-Westort.

We explore Charlie's smack addiction and how this leads him down the road of (not) pulling off highly elaborate cons.

Claire is back, and she doesn't remember how infuriating she is.

Ethan proves that he's the best at getting punched in the face.

And we talk about Jane Austin's masterpiece, 2 Pride 2 Prejudice.

Damon Lindelof apparently didn't like this episode... WE CAN'T IMAGINE WHY!


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